Last Minute 4th of July Style Ideas

It’s almost time for another year of celebration for the independence of the United States of America! Yay! But, what are you going to wear? I wanted to keep the style ideas simple and easy for you to choose from!


There is nothing wrong with wearing a dress around the grill! There are different styles for any type of party. Make sure your dress is neutral to dark colored, comfortable fitting, and not too tight. When it becomes too warm, you may sweat, and you don’t want sweat marks! Most of these looks can be worn by women of all shapes, so find the one you like the most and see what you have in your closet.

Long maxis are perfect for covering up problem areas and camouflaging your full belly after the delicious food you’d be eating. Not to mention, they are fabulous! A strappy sandal is a perfect compliment to this casual, yet, elegant dress.

Nautically Cool


A striped dress is perfect for pear, hourglass, and rectangle shaped women. You can pair this dress with a sandal or a sneaker.

Casual Elegance

A flared strappy dress is perfect for barbecues on a roof top or at home! You’ll blend in, but leave an impression of a classic girl! Any shape of woman can wear this dress because it creates a curvier shape with a cinched waist.

Shirt Dress


The shirt dress is perfect for all shapes! If you are rectangle or apple shaped, you can add a small woven belt to tie around your waist. Tying a belt around the smallest part of your waist will create a silhouette of a curvy shape.
Patriotic Look


There is nothing wrong with representing this great country in your fashion. But, there is an issue if it’s done tactlessly. The shape of the dress is what drew me to it, and the curvy shape of it is perfect for pear or hourglass shaped women. Rectangle shaped women can get away with this, too!


Casual Host

It’s okay to keep it simple! A knee short paired with a tunic is barbecue-friendly, if you are not into celebrating too much! A flat is perfect for comfort and running around.

Short Shorts

This look isn’t for everyone, and I meant to keep it that way. This look is for the young women who love to show a little leg during the summer. It’s perfect for running around with your friends and comfortable enough for a backyard party.

Peplum Chic

A peplum top is cute and chic! It enhances the shape and conceals the middle section. If you have problems with your middle section, this will help hide it and allow you to feel more comfortable about your look.

Flag Tank

A draped tank is perfect for women who are busty, and it works for apple shaped women, as well. If you don’t have a flag tank, you can pair your shorts with another color tank or a ribbed tank.

PS: Don’t forget your sunblock.

Have fun and Happy 4th of July!

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